Is it possible to scroll an HTMLList?

Totally newbie to the TMSSoftware components specifically and IntraWeb in general. I have a need (at least I think I have a need) to populate a TTIWHTMLList and make it scrollable. I don't see that option in any of the properties and figure I must be missing something.

Would someone be able to shed some light on what I might be missing?

The goal is to provide a long list of "href" items that may exceed the size of the region the list is part of so we need to be able to scroll the list.

Thanks in advance,


PS: So far, really like the component set.


I would recommend to put the TIWHTMLList control inside an IWRegion control.
With default settings, the IWRegion control will automatically display a scrollbar if the contents exceed it's size.

Doh! I had it in a region just hadn't set the scroll bar to visible there.

Oops, forgot to say Thanks. So, Thanks for the help.