Can't open application on phone

Hi ,

i've done an application with intraweb using the iphone control , i launch the application and everything is correct but when i want open the URL with the phone the page is not loaded.


Assuming you are using a trial version of the TMS IW iPhone controls pack:

Unfortunately, it is a limitation of the
newer IntraWeb framework versions that when it is put into trial mode (which is
the case when using the TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack trial version) it
only allows connections from localhost. This limitation of course doesn’t exist
when using the full licensed versions.

As possible solution, you can run the TMS IntraWeb iPhone apps you create in a
local Safari browser or alternatively install port forwarding software on your
desktop machine.<o:p></o:p>

we have installed safari , when we launch the application click on the safari icon , the application load

now we try with the cellphone ,
URL ip:port/$/start  but the page is not loaded.

The other way how it works?

Web applications that are run from IntraWeb in trial mode only allows connections from localhost and blocks remote access from devices and computers by using a random port number.
You'll need a port forwarding utility on the local machine where IntraWeb is installed to enable access from a remote device (iPhone, ...).
In the port forwarding utility you should be able to enter the random port number IntraWeb is using and forward it to a fixed port number accessible through the local machine IP address. This way remote devices can also access the IntraWeb web application.

OK we 'll try in this way.

But there is the probability that if the iphone phone controls are in trial , they set intraweb in evaluation mode?

Yes, any component trial version puts IntraWeb itself back in eval mode

So if i Buy a license form intraweb and i want to test your iphone component for intraweb , my license still remain active but until i don't purchase a license of your control my intraweb is like was back to a envaluetion mode?

Yes, a trial version of IntraWeb components puts IntraWeb itself in trial mode when you use our components in the IntraWeb application of course. If you do not use our trial components in your IntraWeb application, it will run in normal mode.