Installing TMS Component Pack Pro AND IW Component

I am trying to get both TMS Component Pack Pro installed and TMS IW Component Pack Pro installed. I did the first one sucessfully. The second is having a problem. I installed them to their own directories and added the directory path to Delphi (Turbo version). Once IW component pack is installed and Delphi is closed and restarted; it gives errors. Do I need to install to same directory? Is there a tricky step with TMDEFS file that I am missing. The errors are;

This application has failed to start because iw10tmsd2006.pbl was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.
Error creating form: Can't load package C:\Program files\TmsSoft\TM IW Component Pack\iw10tmsded2006.bpl
Windows XP computer; not 7.
Rob B.