Install/msbuild problems


I just purchased the IW Comp Pack Pro, to install into the latest Intraweb 15, on my Delphi 2010 machine.

First off...looking at your Install.txt instructions...   these files don't exist:
   msbuild IW15TMSDxxUPD.dproj
   msbuild IW15TMSDEDxxUPD.dproj
   msbuild IW15TMSGRIDDxxUPD.dproj
   msbuild IW15TMSGRIDDEDxxUPD.dproj
   msbuild IW15TMSXLSDxxUPD.dproj

They DO exist without the UPD at the end.  Should I just use those instead ??

Secondly, when I try to do build without the 'UPD'...
msbuild IW15TMSD2010.dproj
...I get errors....
Error: E1026 File not found: 'iw15tmsd2010.res'
... and then in red...
"... error MSB6006: "dcc" exited with code 1"
Build Failed.

Please let me know what to do.  Thanks.


Yes you can use the version without UPD at the end.
Can you please try installing the package files from the Delphi IDE instead of from the command line?
Then the missing .res files should automatically be created.