Installing Flexcel for Delphi 2007

We have just bought Flexcel in order to continue supporting products which were written by a developer who used Flexcel to generate XLS files.

My problem is that the existing codebase is written with Delphi 2007, and on trying to install Flexcel, I see it doesn't provide anything for lower than XE.  The version of Flexcel used for the codebase was 3.2.2.

Can I install Flexcel for Delphi 2007, or am I in big trouble ?  As an alternative, can I install 3.2.2 and use the license I have just bought?


FlexCel 3 is still being developed, you can get the latest version below the FlexCel 6 download in the registered users page. I think it is currently at 3.20.

The main issue with using FlexCel 3 is of course that it supports only xls, not xlsx files. But it is the simplest alternative if you have an existing codebase you don't want to change, since FlexCel 6 requires some changes to the codebase.

The other alternative is to use FlexCel 3 with FlexCel DLL, which runs in D7 or newer. This will allow you to keep your FlexCel 3 codebase and also use the newer FlexCel 6 engine which can create xls or xlsx files. But FlexCel DLL requires you to deploy a dll (pre-compiled by us with XE2) along with your app.

btw, I think I better mention this explicitly: Your FlexCel 6 license (and also a FlexCel dll license) allows you to also use FlexCel 3. This is why both versions are available for download.

Thanks for you reply Adrian.  Just the news we wanted to hear!

Best regards.