FlexCel_XlsAdapter install problems

Problems installing FlexCel for Tokyo 10.2.1 and 10.2.2

Scenario :
- Unable to install FlexCel with installer (always msbuild errors ...). I've given up trying to use installation with msbuild.
Try to install FlexCel from source, follow
produces error 'Resource PresetTableStyles_xml not found' during
installation of FlexCel_XlsAdapter250.bpl

So now i have no functional installation of FlexCel...

If the error you are getting is 'Resource PresetTableStyles_xml not found'
then the problem is 99% likely that you have an older version of
FlexCel lying around, but still in the search path so Delphi is mixing
old and new units.

PresetTableStyles_xml is a resource that was
added to the XlsAdapterResources.res in FlexCel 6.17, so the other
version you have must be older than 6.17. If you didn't had any older
version, the error could be "XlsAdapterResources.res" not found, but if
it is not finsing PresetTableStyles inside, then in means that it is
finding XlsAdapterResources.res, but an older version of it without that
file inside.

So, the steps to fix this would be:
1)Uninstall FlexCel.
search your hard disk for XlsAdapterResources.res and remove it and the
folders where it is from all places. We uninstalled FlexCel in point
1), so you shouldn't have any XlsAdapterResources.res after 1). 
Note: to search the hard disk I personally use and can only recommend http://www.voidtools.com but of course you can use the tool you want Just be aware that Windows search sometimes doesn't find everything.

might also search for other files like VCL.FlexCel.Core.dcu,
FlexCel_Core250.bpl and FlexCel_Core.dcp  Again, you shouldn't find any
since you uninstalled FlexCel, but if you find them, remove them and the
folders that contain them (if they are FlexCel related of course)

4)Once you have cleaned up all FlexCel versions just reinstall, it will work.

note: The FlexCel setup could be "smart" enough to search only in the
places where it is compiling so it would work even if you have older
FlexCel around. But we have kept it this way because if we "forced" the
compile, the problem would happen anyway when you wanted to compile your
app (because delphi would still find the older FlexCel versions and
crash). So we prefer the setup to crash instead because it is simpler to
diagnose. So the setup doesn't "cheat" and tries to compile the same
way Delphi does. If the setup fails, it means that Delphi would fail too

For the future, I'd like to have some "scanner" in the
setup that searches for old stuff automatically and lest you know before
attempting to install, it is only that this would slow down the setup
for users who don't have this problem. So this is something that needs a
little more of thought.

Hi Adrian,

thank you for fast reply. After removing all old installations and deselect sources older than XE7 in installer all works fine.