Using Flexcel reports

I have just upgraded from Delphi XE6 to XE8 (both Pro) and had both Flexcel 3 and Flexcel 6 installed in the past. I used both Xls and Xlsx and reports with the latter as icons on my design forms. Versio 3 will not install so I was wondering whether it has been superceded by something else in version 6.

If not, what is necessary to get a FlexcelReport to work in the old way or what is the new way to use it?



By the way, I also need to use FlexcelImport.


First of all, you should be able to install 3 in XE8. Are you using 3.15? 

FlexCel 6.6 comes with a new reporting engine, which isn't a component, but as the rest of FlexCel 6, you create it in code directly.

First of all, read the document "MigratingFromFlexCel3.pdf" where it explains what I say here and more. Basically the new reports are similar to old one, but with much more functionality and a different syntax for tags:  <#db.field> instead of ##db##field. There is also a converter to convert the reports to the new format in start menu->tms flexcel->tools

But the conversion isn't 100% automatic, so for a first thing, just install FlexCel 3 and use the old report. Then you can gradually change them to the new reports, but with time.