Access to older versions, for example TMS Flexcell for Delphi 5

How can I download TMS FlexCell for Delphi 5?.
I know that I would not have maintenance for this, but I need to download it for a project.

Thank you and best regards.

Sadly FlexCel dll never supported Delphi 5, so we can't make available a version for that. FlexCel 3 didn't supported Delphi 5 either, so we would need to make available a version of FlexCel 2.6.

But FlexCel 2.6 won't create xls files that Excel 2010 or newer would like:

I wish I could give a better answer, but I think the only thing to do is to update that project from Delphi 5 to at least Delphi 6 which is still fully supported by FlexCel dll. I know migrating to Delphi 6 has its own intrinsic dangers, but they really are similar enough, and Delphi 5 misses some very basic things, which are why we couldn't support it in FlexCel dll. (and we tried)

This feature will not be implemented.