Installing the latest Cryptography pack fails, and will not load in Delphi 11.
Registration procedure, CryptoReg.Register in package... TMSCryptoPkgDEDXE14.bpl raised exception class EAccessViolation: AccessViolation at address 5F75D638 in module 'rtl280.bpl. Read of address FFFFFFD0.

The error we see in the log file is:

TMSCryptoPkgDXE14.dpk(32): error E2202: Required package 'rtl' not found [G:\Lib\TMS Cryptography Pack\TMSCryptoPkgDXE14.dproj]
The command exited with code 1. (TaskId:48)

This means there is an issue with your library path. Please locate rtl.dcp on your system and make sure that the folder where this file is found is added to your library path. Then retry to install.

Other than this , you should NEVER include log files in this public forum as it contains account related private data. Send log files only via direct email to support.