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Can't load package C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Bpl\TMSCryptoPkgDEDXE14.bpl.
The specified module could not be found.
It's nowhere. Do I have to create it?
2021 09 11 19 42 18

Please send the installer generated log file so we can inspect what went wrong during install on your machine. (it is under C:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\log

In your log file I see:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Bin\CodeGear.Delphi.Targets(407,5): error F2039: Could not create output file 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Bpl\TMSCryptoPkgDXE14.bpl' [C:\Users\pc\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Cryptography Pack\TMSCryptoPkgDXE14.dproj]
Done Building Project "C:\Users\pc\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Cryptography Pack\TMSCryptoPkgDXE14.dproj" (Build target(s)) -- FAILED.

Does this folder 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Bpl' exist?
Do you have full write permissions on this folder?

I'm confused. I am attaching snapshots of directories.
2021 09 13 16 42 55
2021 09 13 16 46 59
2021 09 13 16 52 23
2021 09 13 16 55 17

For install in the IDE, the file TMSCryptoPkgDEDXE14.bpl is needed.
Scan your full hard disk for TMSCryptoPkgDEDXE14.dproj and TMSCryptoPkgDEDXE14.bpl.
If TMSCryptoPkgDEDXE14.bpl does not exist and TMSCryptoPkgDEDXE14.dproj is found, try to compile & install this package from the IDE.

Managed to. Well thank you.