Installation problem Intraweb WebGMaps


i have Delphi XE4 und Intraweb 12 ( from atozed not the included version ).

When i try to install the package it comes up with "Package Intraweb is required"..
( it is not the demo it is a bought version ).

Then i deleted intraweb from the required section it automatically adds intraweb_120_180.

Everything looks ok, but when i want to try it my software it comes up with

[dcc32 Fataler Fehler] Unit1.pas(8): F2051 Unit IWWebGMaps wurde mit einer unterschiedlichen Version von IWBaseHTMLControl.TIWBaseHTMLControl compiliert

What can i do.


It is working now.

It had something todo with the demoversion i installed before.

I delete all files of the demoversion and now the registered version works fine.

Thanks for informing