Install under C++ Builder XE3


I would like to know, if there is anybody, who has success installing the TMS intraweb controls under C++ Builder XE3. As described in the "install.txt" I renamed the inc file and try to compile the cbproj.
There I receive 161 error on linking like:

Error: Public Symbol for EXPDEF '@System@Generics@Collection@%TEnumerator__1$p30System@Classes|TCollectionItem%@DoGetCurrent$qqrv' in module IWAdvSmoothTimeLine.pas not found.

(I hope my translations is correct, because I have the german version of C++ Builder).
Any idea, what I have missed? I believe, I have to add the Intraweb libraries (in my case version 14), but I not sure, which one, and how to do this.

Thank you very much...

What exact CBPROJ are you compiling?

Was another / trial version installed earlier and did you uninstall / remove ALL previous version files?


As described in the "install.txt" I try to compile the "IW14TMSCXE3.cbproj" project.

On this machine was no previous version installed! Neithe a trial nor an older version!

On additional information:

I try the same thing with the sources of the VCL-controls and receive the same behaviour. Searching on google shows, theres is a bug in the ilink32. It can be found by "embarcadero QC 111537" and "embarcadero QC 111308".
Here it is not a big issue, because you setup contains the BPL files as well.

So I think, at the moment it is not possible, to use the Intraweb controls with C++ Builder XE3! Perhaps, you should provide this on your main-page, please!

Or would it be possible, to provide the BPLs and LIBs as well? The same way, as you do in the standard VCL controls. I think, you create the files with Delphi. But in my case, I have the C++ Builder only and cannot create the files with Delphi.

Thank you for your help

We're investigating this with Embarcadero.
As a workaround, I'd suggest to compile the Delphi packages (as these packages are setup to build for both Delphi & C++Builder) with MSBUILD


Thank you!

With this workaround I can use the controls!