Install problems

Just tried the "fixed" install.

First off, it tries to uninstall the prior version two times.  If you opt for "no" on the 2nd run, it aborts the install.  If you opt for "yes" it also aborts for installation "not found" since it has already uninstalled.

But thanks for getting the compile errors removed.  

Delphi 7 now installs cleanly.  

Delphi 2010 continues to work without problems.

Delphi XE2 still flakes, with tmsscripterreg_xe2.bpl not being found.  In the last release, it was in ..\TMS Scripter\Library\Win32\DCP folder, which I had to add to the library path.  Now it is located in the ..\TMS Scripter\Library\Wind32\BPL folder.

Which version are you installing? Please send the install.log. The folder that needs to be added to windows environment path is the bpl subfolder and always has been.

Where do you want the log sent?

I have also pared it down, as it is currently about 21 meg.  Just selecting the October 2012 sections is 672k.

Version installed today was released October 25.

Please send us through the support e-mail and describe exactly what is the problem you are experiencing. Thanks.