Install problem in Apple world

Good morning to all,

 this trouble regards all biz component missing install room .... i'm write here.
I'm no able to install, in delphi 10.3.3, all biz component (from core, aurelius,xdata, remotedb ... all) regarding apple world (ios, simulator, macos ... all) with the error message "can't install in 10.3.3 because ios32 is not properly installed".
I have removed and reinstalled 10.3.3, i have installed all android and ios, macos (all) sdk installed but ... nothing to do!!
Can you help me (mybe there's an update i have miss ecc...)

Thank's in advance and excuse me to write here.



Hello Daniele,

Are you able to properly compile an empty project for iOS 32 in your Delphi (not TMS Business-related)?

Hi Wagner,

  i'll try and let you know what happend ...