FNC UI Pack last version and delphi 10.3 install problem.

Hi to all,
after updating to last FNC UI Pack via TMS Manager i'm not able to install it.
With it's installer all goes well but when delphi 10.3 starts the fnc string does not show on delphi splash, and any component (i.e. tmsfncipedit) are available.

With manual pakage installation all pakages are well compiled but if i try to install i gor a bds runtime error.

All is fine with delphi Seattle and Sydney (10.4 patch 3).

I have tried to uninstall ALL fnc pakages and reinstall it via tms manager and/or manually without anr positive result.

Can you check and give any suggestion ??

Thank's in advance


We are currently rebuilding. Please await until ALL FNC products are released and then retry installation, starting with TMS FNC Core first.

Hi Pieter,
thank's for reply.
Just for information, this problem happend only on 10.3 (on 10.4 patch 3 all is ok).

I'm waiting, no problem

Thank's again