Insert new row after last row using TAB

Hi Bruno

In our application, the user moves from one cell to next using the TAB key. If the current cell is the last cell in the last record and the user press TAB, then automatically a new record is inserted in the grid. This works if I all the records are visible in the grid. E.g. if the grid can show 10 records, it works if the table does not have more than 10 records. If the table has more than 10 records and the user is in the last cell of the last record and press TAB, no new record will be inserted and the active cell is still the last one of the last record. By the way: Pressing Arrowdown key or Insert Key works.

I have the following properties set in the TDBAdvGrid:

Navigation.AdvanceDirection: adLeftRight

Navigation.TabAdvanceDirection: adLeftRight
Navigation.Insertposition: pInsertAfter
goTabs = TRUE

Any idea or workaround?
Regards Thomas

I cannot reproduce this. We sent a test project by email.