TDBAdvGrid complains when cell is changing

Hi, I have a funny effect on a TDBAdvGrid with the following Navigation properties set:

AdvanceInsert, AdvanceOnEnter and AdvanceOnEnterLoop: All set to TRUE

In this grid, one Data-Cell (lets say cell01) is of dataype float and the other one (lets say cell02) NEXT TO CELL01 is of type integer. Cell02 has the following properties set:

CheckBoxField = TRUE
CeckFalse = 0
CheckTrue = 1

Now, if I enter a float in cell01, e.g. 1.2 and press ENTER, I receive an error, saying that 1.2 is not a valid integer. But if I use the mouse and click into cell02, everything works fine. So, it seems that something is not correct with focus/gridsynchronisation and the underlying database table. Any idea how to solve that?

Regards, Thomas

I cannot reproduce this.
Test app: 

Hi Bruno
First, thank you for your very fast answer!
I have still the same problem and I don't know where the bug is... However, at the end I deleted the TDBAdvGrid and added it again to my form and set the properties I need - and it works as expected. But only more or less. In your test app you have editPostMode=epCell, I have epRow (and also Autoedit=true for my datasource component). The two issues are now: If the Checkbox is checked and you enter into this cell by enter-key, the checkbox changes to unckecked. If you now change the record or save the currently edited record, you get an error message "The field testtable.abool cannot contain a Null value because..." (Therefore you have to change the field property to Required=Yes in your TestDB first). It seems that the grid changes the value to NULL and not to 0 (however, from my point of understanding the value should not change if we only enter the cell). This effect does not appear if you have editPostMode=epCell.

Kind regards

We've applied a fix for this particular case with EditPostMode = epRow and handling the checkbox. The next update will address this.