Grid Behavior

I haven't used the TDBAdvGrid before so I am in the learning curve.

I have what to me is bizarre behavior.
I have AdvanceOnEnter = True, AdvanceOnEnterLoop=false
Not sure what else might be applicable but here to what is happening.

When pressing enter in in the last cell in the grid a new row appears with data filled in from the previous row. Also a new top row is added that is blank and all other rows have been pushed down one line (probably why the new row appears to have data from the previous). As soon as data is entered in the new, current cell the blank top row disappears, the other rows roll back to their original position and the active row goes back to being blank except for the cell where new data was entered.

Any help on that behavior is appreciated.

Also I just noticed that if TAB is pressed along that bottom row that at the end the cursor loops back to the first cell on the bottom row but also the blank top row appears and all other rows move one line lower until TAB is pressed again and the cursor moves to the second column. Also the row indicates that the row is a new database row until the TAB rolls that back.

I retested this here with the ADOEditing demo but could not reproduce this. I can only assume you have used other settings that might affect this.
AdvanceOnEnterLoop=false only makes sense when grid.PageMode = false (as in this case, the grid has all data, otherwise, the grid has only a buffer of data of the visual records and jumps back to the first record of the buffer)
With the TAB key, I see the same behavior here as with the Enter key in the ADOEditing demo.

I just discovered that setting AdvanceOnInsert=False stops the behavior but that still doesn't explain the blank line at the top and moving all rows down behavior when it is True.

I have not been able to see this here, I can only assume some other setting or combination with code must affect this. Did you look at the ADOEditing sample for example?