Problem with TDBAdvGrid

Hello, I have a problem in a grid when inserting new rows that do not fit in the grid space. Rows are inserted normally, but when there is no more space and a scroll has to be produced, the cursor stops in the last column and the new row is not created by pressing the enter key. In other occasions, two new rows are generated, the cursor moves to the second row and what is written in the second row appears in the first.This two things only happens when there is no more space in the grid for more rows. I'm using version v13.1.5.0 from 03-07-24 with AppendOnArrowDown = true.

A new row is inserted in the dataset when the arrow down key is pressed when the active row is the last row of the grid when AppendOnArrowDown = true.
I'm not sure how to interpret this as you mention the Enter key. Do you do this on the last row / last column?
Do you have some more details, possibly a sample source project with which we can reproduce this here?

Hello, I send you some images to clarify the error.
1: Initial state. In column "CANAL" I press enter key to insert a new row.
2: New row is inserted
3: Repeat the process until the last row (DEBE = 1400).
4: I press enter again from the "CANAL" column and two rows are added. The cursor is placed on the second row added.
5, 6: If I write (for example "TEST") in the second column of the second row, the result is copied to the same column of the first row added.

What is your setting for

Hello, Grid.EditPostMode = epRow, Grid.Navigation.AdvanceOnEnter = False. I have tried with grid.navigation.advanceonter=true and also fail.

I retested this with attached project but I could not see an issue. (8.8 KB)

Hello, I have already found the error. The problem was in a dataset filter.
thanks for your help.