Tab key goes to last row?

I would like the tab key to move left to right through all cells, then to the next row.
If it is the last row, last column, then tab should append another row.
Not sure what property combination i have messed up, but the current behavior of the dbadvgrid is that tabbing works until the next cell after a blank one in the row, at that point it moves to the last row.  What do I have configured wrong?

When goTabs = true in grid.Options, the default behavior is that the TAB key moves the focused cell from left to right and when the last column is reached, it moves to the next row. There is currently not a built-in setting that will make it append a new row when it reached the last cell. Appending a row is done with the arrow-down key on the last row when grid.Navigation.AppendOnArrowDown = true.

Thanks Bruno.