Issues on VCL UI Pack with Form.Scaled = False

I have a problem with a VCL application where form scaling is disabled (Form.Scaled: = False). Everything is OK with the system settings at 100%, but after changing to a higher value, e.g. 125%, 150%, all native Delphi controls display correctly, while your components from TMS UI Pack (e.g. TAdvSmoothListBox, TAdvSmoothLabel) continue to scale .
What could be the reason for this behavior?
In the project options, the parameter DPI Awareness = Per Monitor v2.
Delphi: 10.4 update 1
TMS UI Pack:

System Scaling: Left: 100%, Right 150%



There was a small issue with the conditions on how we retrieve the scale for the controls.
This has been changed and will be fixed in the next update of the TMS VCL UI Pack.

Can I easily fix it while waiting for the update?

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