How to install with IW12.2.x and Delphi XE3 ?

Could you give me a tip how to install Intraweb TMS Component Pack for IW12.2.x with Delphi XE3 ?
Your predefined settings do not seem to work.

Thanks in advance
Michael Lurie

Please follow installation instructions as found in install.txt:


For Delphi (IntraWeb 12.x)



IntraWeb 12.0.x:

Copy to ! (Registered version only)


IntraWeb 12.1.x:

Copy to ! (Registered version only)


IntraWeb 12.2.x:

Copy to ! (Registered version only)


Install package files

 - IW12TMSDXE2.dproj (Delphi XE2)

  - IW12TMSGRIDDXE2.dproj (Delphi XE2)

 - IW12TMSDEDXE2.dproj (Delphi XE2)

  - IW12TMSGRIDDEDXE2.dproj (Delphi XE2)

  - IW12TMSXLSDXE2.dproj (Delphi XE2)



For Delphi (IntraWeb 14.x)



Copy to ! (Registered version only)


Install package files

  - IW14TMSDXE3.dproj (Delphi XE3)

  - IW14TMSGRIDDXE3.dproj (Delphi XE3)

  - IW14TMSDEDXE3.dproj (Delphi XE3)

  - IW14TMSGRIDDEDXE3.dproj (Delphi XE3)

  - IW14TMSXLSDXE3.dproj (Delphi XE3)

I did.. First: If I use the package for IW12 then Delphi complains that

>  dclIntraweb_120_160,
>  Intraweb_120_160,

is missing. That's correct, because Delphi version is NOT XE2. So I correct the values manually to:

>  dclIntraweb_120_170,
>  Intraweb_120_170,

but then Delphi start to complain about a lot of other things like invalid conversion PInteger to Integer or missing TRect in:

>  procedure DrawGradient(Canvas: TCanvas; FromColor, ToColor: TIWColor; Steps: Integer; r:TRect; Direction: Boolean);

Michael Lurie

Unfortunately IW 12.2.13 is currently not supported for the TMS IW Component Pack.

Please note that the latest official release still is IW and IW 12.2.13 is marked as a test release by Atozed.

We are in the process of testing and validating the new IW version and an update will be released afterwards that should also fix the issues as mentioned above.

Hello Bart -

I believe the prevailing issue here is installing any TMS components to XE3 for an IW version other than 14. AtoZed decided to include an XE3 install to 12.2.13.x probably because was released about the same time XE3 was.
As you know 14 is still work-in-process in some areas (more so than 12?) and many of your customers are installing IW12 in XE3.
The issue is TMS does not have an install available for XE3 other than IW14. For example, a delphi 2010  user can install TMS to, IW10, IW11 or IW12. Why can't an XE3 user choose to install to either IW12 or IW14?
A TMS XE3 install for IW12 would be very helpful to many of us that have upgraded to XE3 and desire to stick with IW12 for a while.
Thanks for considering your user's requests.
All the best - Kevin

iw maybe a test release but it is the one that I am using.   I can not go to XE3 until TMS provides a release for Iw12 and XE3.

We would very much appreciate a release for any version of iw12 that will work in XE3.

As soon as there is an IntraWeb update that is sufficiently stable, we will look into this.

Thanks Bruno,

One day I hope my Company is big enough that I can tell my customers what version of their software they need to be running in order for my product to work on their computer. Fort some reason, they are not nearly as patient or understanding as your developer customers are :-)

IMHO the sooner, the better my friend.


Thanks.   That is what I am trying to tell you.  iw is stable and if you do not like that version then use their current version of

I hope for your understanding that we are not magicians.

Atozed is releasing new versions almost weekly. Testing our range of IntraWeb components against every new version is simply not feasible. We'd have to spend all our time on testing every new release and there would be no time left for support & development. We wait the general feedback on new releases of IntraWeb first and when a new version appears to be stable and is marked as release version by Atozed, we start our test procedures.

I totally understand.   Whenever you can get XE3 to install any iw12 version, It will be appreciated.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents here. In order to get TMS Component Pack for Intraweb 12.x to compile in XE3 you just need to do the following:

1. Copy to
2. Delete the line in with this define {$DEFINE TMSIW14}
3. Open up the XE2 package files (.dpk) and change any references to Intraweb_120_160 and dclIntraweb_120_160 to be 170 instead of 160.
Now you should be able to compile and install the XE2 packages in XE3. I can also run my IW apps and the TMS components "seems" to be working correctly. However I do not recommend releasing the resulting apps until TMS has made an official release. I just needed to get my build server up and running so thats why I made the "hack" :-).
Thanks for the hack Lars. I can't wait forever either.

Regarding TMS's need for an "IW Production release" before an official TMS install is made for XE3...

May I refer TMS to the IW blog - http:///

XII - New production release


After a few weeks, IntraWeb version was promoted to production status.