Helpful (hopefully) Installation Notes

Hi Everyone,

I had a little trouble installing the IntraWeb components until I began to understand the thought process in the install.txt files. 

I'm not sure that this will help anyone but myself - but on the off chance you are having installation issues maybe my notes will help.  I wrote these so I can go back and more easily install updates - or rebuild if I fry my machine...

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TMS IntraWeb Installation Notes as of 2013-06-21

Configuration at time of these notes

Delphi XE4 Enterprise with Update 1

IntraWeb Ultimate Edition version 14.0.12

TMS IntraWeb Component Studio version 1

TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack

TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition

TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls Pack

TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack

TMS IntraWeb Planner

TMS IntraWeb Query Builder

TMS IntraWeb Security System

TMS IntraWeb WebGMaps

TMS IntraWeb WebOSMaps

IntraWeb Version

The IntraWeb version is very important to note.  Version 14.0.0 is very different from version 14.0.10.  When installing TMS IW components only install for 14.0.x or the current version number or better, meaning that if you have version 14.0.28 and the installation instructions indicate 14.0.x then you are OK.  Another example is if you have version 14.1.6 and the installation has the highest version of 14.0.x then you have to wait for the next revision of the TMS IW components to install.

Include Files

TMS IW components use include files based on the IW version and compiler versions.  You will be asked to rename some specific .inc file to  If installing multiple components, you may want to run a script that iterates through the source folders, renames the included to tmsdefs (or use the date instead of ORIGINAL) and then copies tmsdefs[VER].in to


Contrary to stated documentation, the generated .bpl files are not always put in the public BPL library, but in the private.  On my setup as of 2013-06-21 the folder is C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\RAD Studio\11.0\Bpl as opposed to C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\11.0\Bpl.  Additionally, some of the builds place the .bpl file in their own folder (the planner components for example).

Some locations the build files are referenced as .dpk but should always be .dproj.

There are several typos regarding the prefix of the file as well – make sure the version is correct.  For example, the iPhone components installation file IntraWeb 14.0.x / RAD Studio XE3 – XE4 section shows “msbuild IW10iPhoneDxxUPD.dproj” and it really should be “msbuild IW14iPhoneDxxUPD.dproj”.

The Query Builder components aren’t clear about this, but the two packages are in different folders; Common and Source.  Treat each as a separate build and install cycle to avoid any problems.

Installing Packages

Always install packages in the order listed in the documentation ONE AT A TIME! If you try to install all at once, the components may not install correctly because of dependency requirements.

Several packages install with names that aren’t very clear.  The cloud pack installs with its .bpl name (IW14TMSAuthDXE4.bpl) and the Google maps component installs with the name TMS.

Updating the TMS components is always a mess :/ You must manually search the correct files, rename the corresponding inc files, delete older versions, compile and install ... perhaps TMS should think of creating an installer program which reads the actual installed Delphi versions, copies only the files needed, automatically deletes older versions and installes the correct packages?! I'm using the Devart ODAC components - you only have to start the installer and after a few minutes the new version is ready to use...

Additionally in building on intraweb 14.0.x that come with the default XE5 contrary to the install.txt   You need to do:

   msbuild IW14TMSDxx.dproj

   msbuild IW14TMSDEDxx.dproj

   msbuild IW14TMSGRIDDxx.dproj

   msbuild IW14TMSGRIDDEDxx.dproj

   msbuild IW14TMSXLSDxx.dproj

But if you build the package using intraweb 14.0.18+ you need to use:

   msbuild IW14TMSDxxUPD.dproj

   msbuild IW14TMSDEDxxUPD.dproj

   msbuild IW14TMSGRIDDxxUPD.dproj

   msbuild IW14TMSGRIDDEDxxUPD.dproj

   msbuild IW14TMSXLSDxxUPD.dproj

Otherwise the build will fail because the intraweb package was changed and the build couldn't find it.

Actually the install has stated vaguely and I misunderstand it. Hopefully this should clear up.

Creating an automatic installer for IntraWeb components is significantly more difficult than creating an installer for a regular VCL component. All our regular VCL components come with automatic install / uninstall. The problem with IntraWeb is that is has no consistent or reliable way of detecting what version exactly is installed and there are many source breaking changes between different IntraWeb version, even package breaking changes. Unfortunately, this cocktail of difficulties make it very hard to create a reliable installer. Believe me, if it were easier, there is nothing we'd like more than offering this.

You could still build an installer, and have the user (me) choose my RAD Studio version and my IntraWeb version.

That is something we did for TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro for IntraWeb 10,11,12 but with rate of new versions of IntraWeb coming and sometimes breaking changes for controls, it is often hard to catch up.