IW 14 and installing TMS IW component pack pro

It has been a very long time since I worked with Intraweb, but now I have a need.

I installed XE7 a few weeks ago which I believe has IW14 (I have not upgraded it). When I install the TMS Intraweb component pack pro via the subscription manager, it allows for IW10, IW11 or IW12; that's it.

I don't see the TMS components installed when it is finished.  

What am I missing? I was expecting IW14 to appear in the drop down of the subscription manager.



Just an update.  I downloaded the latest version of IW from Atozed (14.0.34).  Before I installed that update, I went into delphi update/modify to remove the currently installed version of intraweb.  Then, I ran the install for IW.  It installed without an issue.

When I run the installer for the TMSIntraweb component pack, still only ver 10,11, and 12 are available in the drop down.  How do I get it to install the ver 14 of the TMS components... or at least something that I can manually install?  

I suppose I can always roll back to Ver 12... but the documentation says it supports 14



Manual installation is required for IW 14 as the automatic installer for TMS IntraWeb Component Pack unfortunately does not support IW 14.
Detailed installation instructions can be found in the install.txt file included with the product download.

Please note that currently only the default version of IW 14 (v14.0.0) is supported for Delphi XE7.

Thank you.  I've made some progress, but.....

1) I downloaded the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack not using the subscription manager, but from 'My Account".  It installed successfully.

2) Every  'stand-alone' compile of Intraweb whether it contains the TMS components or not, ALWAYS changes the port.  This is an indication that the Intraweb license is in 'Trial mode'.  My Delphi is fully registered.  I confirmed on another developer's machine (w/o TMS components), that the Intraweb 14.0.0. license default in XE7 is a trial.  

3) I have no problem upgrading the Intraweb 14.0.34 on the AtoZed site, but it is stated that the TMS components only work with 14.0.0.  I'm stuck.....How do I get the TMS components to work with the port I specify with xe7?


Is there any hope of having TMS IntraWeb Component Pack running under the latest version of Intraweb (14.0.34)  with xe7?  An approx. release date would be nice.   I have a project that is to begin very soon and I would like to use this pack of components (which I already purchased) but my customer will not accept a changing PORT.  Help me, please!


We'll update the registered version shortly to have a package for IW14.0.x support. We'll try to have it next week.