how to always get a fresh page after compiled?

Hi ,

i always facing not able to get whatever changes i made in my delphi code in
my development after compiled.

i always need to do like clear cache , use incognito browser to load , to close and 
reopen browser , to clear history , and sometimes it worked , some time it did not
work , not sure whether is there a proper steps to always let us to be easily
get a fresh TMS webcode app after compile than doing all the above and still not able to get the
expected result . e.g. i sometimes put showmessage() to try to trap and see if
the execution went to that part of my code.?

like e.g.
1. we need to make sure the TMS webserver , we close all previous session of our APP ,
2. we need to clear history / cache  
3. we need to ... ????  

please advise , thanks.

We do not experience this behavior here.

Start by verifying that when you compile the app, a new .JS file is generated in the output folder.
Also, what browser do you use? Do you experience this issue with multiple browsers?
You can also use a tool like Fiddler to trace what requests are happening from the browser versus possibility that your browser is using cached data.