App refresh in a browser


I'm sure I've missed something, but is there someway to force the browser to refresh an app every time I upload a new version? Something like using a hash as part of the js filename?


Normally, when you hit the URL of your app, the browser should determine whether the cached version of the app is older than the version at the URL and when it is older, it should redownload the new app version. 
If you can't rely on the browser caching mechanism, you might find some tips here:

Also keep in mind that if your browser refresh the app, the app will "restart". It's the equivalent of closing and reopen an exe application. Meaning your user will completely lose what he/she was doing.

yes, it's not working in safari. 

Perhaps you could add it as a project config thing, like the version counter for Delphi & Firemonkey apps.

We are not aware of issues with Safari but we will check & consider.