why it display html code instead of rendering it ?

Hi ,

not sure why , right now , my TMS webcore , during development , using the TMS Webcore webserver , it sometimes, do not render the HTML instead just displaying the code . i have to close the chrome browser and restart it , or compile it again and restart the webserver.

it never happened in the past , but happened starting a few days ago .
and clues ?

We have not encountered this here so far. 
Do you have exact steps for how to reproduce this?

Using Chrome I noticed how much I change something relevant (it includes a new object with "id") in the HTML files and I'll turn it on some component in DFM I have to clear the Cached from the navigated to display correctly

I could not see that when changing a form HTML that this is not reflected upon running the application in the Chrome browser. Do you use our built-in debug webserver or do you use a different server?

Hello, I use the TMS server.
An example of what happens here a screen already running with button and edit the two linked to the HTML ID, compiled and execute OK.
By adding a new <div> in html and linking to new button and edit components these new ones do not appear correctly on the screen unless you clear the Browser cache.

We use it here on a daily basis this way but cannot see such issue.

Is this happening with other browsers as well?

I did some tests and could not present the mentioned errors.
It works.
Sorry, I appreciate your attention.