Changes with Compile/Rebuid don't work without delete output directory

See title.
Is there a setting option here?

I have a "showmessage" in WebformCreate.
I delete the OnCreateEvent completely
I start
The message appears
I rebuild
The message appears
I delete the whole output directory and start
nothing happens, I must rebuild
then the message disappears.

Is there an error in my installation? Or in my settings?

This error was also the reason that I spent hours looking for an error that had long since been fixed.

After a few small Web Core tests in recent years, we are now starting our development with Web Core. I hope my questions are limited or I can find answers in the forum search.


If I may,

The only time I spent a long time dealing with such an issue was when I first created a certain project. I ran it in debug mode first, and later changed it to release mode. No modifications I made AFTER I changed the mode to release went through. I had to quit the application in the TMS Web Server first, because there, the project was still running on the latest debug-mode version.

Apart from this, be sure to clear your browser cache. I always keep the F12 tools open in Chrome when I refresh the page, because in the Network section you have a checkbox to disable the cache.

Good luck.