What can i do when changed or modified html code is not updated when its transpiled

I integrated an sequence in an existing html file.
when compiling the app there is no error. but in the console there is no data from the new sequence.
the html file is saved an i see the data in the editor but the new lines will be ingnored by the compiler.
after compiling there ist the former html code without the new sequence.

What can i do do force the compiler rebuild the whole data?

Did you try to clear the browser cache?

at the beginning no. but meanwhile yes but the problem ist the same.

i cleaned up the edge cache


the content of the id=user_reset_form which ist inserted later, is not represented in the console

it should have the style = "display: ....

i forgot to say each id:

user_login_form and the user_reset_form are binded to an twebhtmldiv component one visible hidden := true one false

So, you change HTML and this change isn't visible in the browser?
This changed HTML is in the TMS WEB Core output folder TMSWeb\Debug or TMSWeb\Release?
If this changed HTML file is in the TMS WEB Core output folder, other than a browser cache issue, I cannot think of a reason.

shame on me! i took a long time and many trials to suggest that i do not close some div tags. i suggest thats the reason that the compiler ignores the html tags ..

Sorry about this ...