High CPU usage

I had a problem with my app, one subthread using all CPU, tracked it down to unused TWebPictureContainer on 1 of my forms.

To reproduce:
Create new VCL project, drop TWebPictureContainer on it and run. Check CPU usage on the task manager.

We have applied an improvement for this and this improvement will be included in the next update.

Thank you,

I have also problems with High CPU usage and SmoothListBox, the CPU rises almost to 100% and dont go down, usually it is triggered when I resize panel where the ListBox is (aligned to client) .
With Process Explorer I can see that it probably repaints in infinite loop, lots of call to GetFontSize, GDIP calls and similar. The application is idle and not doing anything else.

We have investigated this here but are not able to reproduce this issue. We are also unaware of any repaint loops. If you keep experiencing issues with this, please send us a sample that is able to reproduce this issue so we can investigate this here.

It is not easy to make a sample app from a huge client-server application. All data are on remote server :(