TAdvPolyBox CPU Usage

We have an application that makes use of the TAdvPolyBox (and associated contents, TImageTextItem etc) to create a main menu structure.

We have noticed that there seems to be constant usage of the CPU when these components are used in our application, even when our application isn't running any other process or even minimized. If we run multiple instances of the application the CPU usage on all instances appears to increase.

Ideally we would like it if there wasn't any CPU usage, and would like to know if there are any settings or bugs to resolve that could change this? It seems that there must be a shared library or piece of memory that all instances are referencing as they seem to affect each other.


This could potentially be due to an internal animation timer that is constantly running. However, this shouldn't affect performance or memory, even when the CPU is constantly running. We would also like to know exactly which code you are running so we can investigate the constant CPU increase. Can you send us a sample that demonstrates this behaviour?