advPicture and advGDIPPicture

Hi, i need a picture object where i can process image like write on it with different font and colors, etc... i see advpicture is very lite ... i can use it ? or advGDIPPicture is best choice for processing image ?


These controls are designed to display images in different image formats.
Neither of these controls have a built-in capability to draw on this image to persist it.
You'd need to use the control to paint an image on a canvas and then draw your text on this same canvas and save the canvas content to image.

ok, how can i assign a Tbitmap to a AdvGDIPPicture ? like imgView.Picture.Assign(Bmp);

Do you use the latest version? If so, that should normally work. I cannot see an issue with this.

TMS Component Pack

I see no issue with.
What exactly happens? Do you get an error? Other problem? What exact code do you use?

excuse me bruno is the inverse operation the problem :) but i solved to load image with Picture.GetFileName to a bitmap, process the last one and re-assign to AdvGDIPPicture again. BUT i have a flickering problem. How can i solve it ? i have set in the form DoubleBuffered:=True; too with improvement BUT i have a bit flick again ... thx

It would be helpful if you could send some sample source app with which we can reproduce any possible flickering. Is this image very large / heavy for example?