Hi TMS Team,

First of all, thank you for this new component and your hard work! 

I have a question about HERE maps quality.

Map on HERE website and HERE map displayed with FNC Map / Chromium
- have different quality / missing data for major cities,-75.6654,14,normal
   FNC HERE -  nothing for this city
- custom markers not supported
- unstable mouse / wheel zoom function (no map)

Is this a temporary problem or should I get a special API key for this from HERE?
We already use HERE maps for geocoding and directions, would be nice to switch to their maps using latest TMS FNC Maps...

Also, we use markers for real time cars display. 
Currently all markers are "treated" by maps as "pins", that makes confusing their position on the map ( = road, HW), because of aligning "bottom-center" - all shifted. 
TMS GMaps allowed to setup this marker shift and place moving objects precisely on the road.

Do you plan any enhancements for "markers" that would allow using them not only like "pins" but a real moving object (i.e. place using image center, with optional "angle"  parameter)?

Thanks again.
Oleg K


We have investigated this here but can see data for Ottawa, if that is the city you are referring to? We have based our implementation on the here maps JS API: Can you point out exactly which differences you see?

custom markers are supported, but they need to be uploaded at a specific URL (we are currently looking for a workaround to allow local files). We'll look into the marker / image issue here.

We don't have issues with mouse wheel/zoom can you point out exactly what is going wrong?

Hi Pieter.

Yes, Ottawa is displayed, but no street info, just very basic info. 
I've sent email with image to
For Toronto I can see streets.

when I see for example Toronto / streets  and use mouse wheel to zoom in/out slowly,
map just disappears (blank screen), need to zoom out until all North America is visible.


Thank you.

Hi TMS Team,

Everything is OK with HERE map content. 
The problem was caused by entered API Key / as it was suggested by Pieter S. in email. 
So the only issue with HERE - custom markers.
reported by David A. in general section : TTMSFNCMaps Custom Markers

Please, close this TT.

Thank you.

Hi, custom marker (from a local file) are giving CORS issues, so that is unfortunately not going to work. We are currently investigating a workaround.

Hi Pieter,

HERE maps contains some very important data (live traffic conditions, incidents, etc) - 

If our customer is using OpenLayers and wants to see currently blocked roads on Here,
then all custom cars and rides markers will just disappear.

if this feature can't be supported - could you just use default Here markers instead (that is OK)
if Here maps provider was detected, and use markers url - for other providers.

Thank you.

We'll see if we can add this option at marker level.


We have added a check for "http" protocol in the URL of the marker. If it does not exist, it reverts to the default marker. This way you'll be able to dynamically switch while preserving local marker images for other map services. You'll still have to enable LocalFileAccess though.
Hi Pieter,

very good, this will work for us.
actually, we are using HERE maps for other services - would be great to see custom markers
for this map provider as well / in the future, if doable of course.

Thanks again.