API Level 26

One of the requirement this coming August 2018 for google play is API Level 26 target SDK. So I tried to change the XML Manifest file from this:

    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="%minSdkVersion%" android:targetSdkVersion="%targetSdkVersion%" />

to this

    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="%minSdkVersion%" android:targetSdkVersion="26" />

When building and running it on an Android Nougat Device, the TMS FMX WebGMaps component hangs when trying to zoom, pan, etc. While streetview is active or change the map options to satellite.

Any suggestions. I am using TMS FMX WebGMaps (Tuesday, June 26, 2018).


We are still waiting for official news from Embarcadero. It's unclear what the plans are, but this is something that Embarcadero needs to address before we can officially support it.


I Have Delphi 10.3 Rio comunity Installed and the problems reported with WebGmaps still persists, no pan or zoom, etc.... I'm using version, I installed the 3.0 but in the IDE I have the indication that is the

I was waiting for the Rio 10.3 to submit my app and it seems that I'm still Stuck.... :(

Unfortunately this is still a limitation of the Delphi framework  which we have no control over.

Hi, are new information available now?

Same problem here !!! Any News?

Any news?

I really need this to by fixed

Embarcadero did breaking changes in the FireMonkey framework with respect to the webbrowser control (used in WebGMaps) in Delphi 10.3 Rio.
These breaking changes are non-trivial to try to workaround as this Google Maps integration in a web browser is technically challenging. We spent a significant amount of time to integrate this with previous webbrowser versions in the FireMonkey framework and now find out to our surprise that Embarcadero broke this code.
We are investigating a solution / workaround

ok Bart, 

thanks for the quick answer, 
I hope you can find a workaround.

Hi. Does TMSFMXWebGmaps support Delphi Android in Rad Studio Rio 10.3 to the android SDK 25.2.5 32bit APi level 26 target platform. IT seems to install correctly, however, all it does is display a map which appears to freeze up when dragged or zoomed. It does not add markers or polygons either. I assume the coding standards have not changed as my code works perfectly in Tokyo 10.2.3. I purchased this package due to the fact that you indicated on your webpage that it will support andriod on Rio 10.3. Additionally, on the webpage, the latest version of this package is indicated to be, however, when I installed the latest release from the 26th Nov 2018, it is indicated to be version within Rad studio 10.3 Delphi. Am I missing something and installing the wrong version of the TMSFMXWebGmaps software?

Any news on that issue?! We are stuck on our deployment because of that.... :-(


We'll further investigate this here with the highest priority!

Thanks a lot Pieter! 

We hope you get some resolution as soon as you can.... We are almost migrating to TMapView.... But it'll be realy bad for us.

Same problem here, is there any progression?  We do need to deploy it to the webstore but put it on hold because of this issue. We consider migration to TMapview. And yes, that is really bad.

Hello TMS, after more than 1 month waiting for a solution i have migrate my app to TMapView and i it works flawless now! Thank you for the Extra Work, i wish I had spent the money on a dinner with my family instead of purchasing WebGmaps!

The problem here is that newer versions of the Android SDK expect that for JavaScript callbacks which are used in WebGMaps, method annotations are used. We are in communication with Embarcadero and Marco Cantu confirmed that there is at this moment in Delphi not a way to provide these method annotations Android expects. It is at this moment a Delphi language shortcoming. We have no clear information, no confirmation that Embarcadero will add support for Android method annotations.  We are investigating workarounds that are far from trivial, both from the perspective of developing as well as the perspective of deploying the application with such workarounds. We had actually preferred to bring a solution based on Delphi code with no extra deployment complexities. The TMapView uses an entirely different approach by using the operating system mapview and not the Google Maps JavaScript API. We use in WebGMaps a lot of Google Maps JavaScript API functions, so with using mapview, all functionality we have in WebGMaps cannot be ported. It also breaks the cross-platform character of the code we have now. I wished I could bring better news, but there are external circumstances involved here we also wished we didn't encounter.
Bruno Fierens2019-01-17 10:23:49

This is very bad information for us :(

We will bring better news soon.

And the question is:
Why do you offer all the time
TMS FMX WebGMaps and TMS FMX WebOSMaps
as products compatible with Delphi Rio?

This is an Android specific problem.
The component works perfectly fine and is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS under Delphi 10.3 Rio. We strive to make it also work for Android under Delphi 10.3 Rio.