Google Routing Not Working

In programmatically creating routes, I used your RouteCalculator Demo to test the route. It is not drawing the blue lines indicating the route using Google Map service. It seems to work for Map Service Open Layers and Here, but not for Google.

I'm using the latest version.


Open Layers Map:


Thank you for notifying us!
The issue has been resolved and the update will be available with the next TMS FNC Maps release.

Same problems here, waiting for your update.

The TMS FNC Maps update that contains this fix is planned for next week.

why next week? is there no bugfix available? We have published an update to our app and now getting phone calls from customers because of this bug.

I can't install previous version because it shows me a error message that the needed fnc core is older than needed but it is newer.

Must I uninstall all FNC to go back to previous version?

I've provided an incremental source update in a private message.
Please understand that we need to be able to allocate sufficient time to prepare and build an update release.

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Working again, thanks for your fix.

PS: If your setup can check if i.e. FNC Core is installed in a newer version and continue this would solve such problems and we could go back to a previous version.

Can I assume that the disappearance of PolyLines in Google Maps is linked to the above issue and will also fixed shortly?

As an example, the "Longest Straight Road" in "PolyElements, Markers and Popups Demo" does not display the line.

FNC Maps V3.7.0.4 / Delphi 10.4.2

Yes, it was in fact an issue with polyline drawing in Google Maps that was fixed.
When using the route calculator the routes are displayed with polylines as well.

I'm hitting the same snag with the Core version (when trying to roll back to FNC Maps V3.0.7.1)

"WARNING: Incompatible TMS FNC Core ( installation found, please download & install TMS FNC Core version first."

Where do I get access to the installations for older releases of my products?

Unfortunately we do not provide downloads for older versions.
If you are using the Subscription Manager you might still have older versions available in the download folder.

If you need the update urgently I can provide an incremental source update in a private message.

Are we going to see an update today? If not, is it possible to get the patch?


Unfortunately the next TMS FNC Maps release will take a little longer.
I've provided an incremental source update in a private message.