Google share folder problems


My application works in this way:

  • It finds a specific share Google drive folder, let's call it MainFolder
  • After this it searches the Google drive for a specific subfolder, let's call it SubFolder. If the SubFolder doesn't exist, it creates under the MainFolder
    -When the user uploads a file from my app, it will be placed in the SubFolder.

The problem is this:

  • The very first user started the app, it found the MainFolder, but it didn't find the SubFolder (which was true) and therefore it created it. So far so good.
  • Then the second first user started the app, it found the MainFolder, but it didn't find the SubFolder (which was already there) and therefore it created it also!
  • The third user also created a SubFolder
    -Then the first user uploaded a file in his SubFolder, but the others didn't see the file!

All three users are on the same Google Business domain and the MainFolder is shared among them.
Now the directory structure is like this:

The customer is very mad because the point is that every file should be in the same folder in the company, he doesn't want a bunch of folders with the same name.

How can I solve this problem? Also when creating a folder can I give every right to it?

Thank you!


We are not aware of any issues with the search function. Can you please if your search call is returning the expected results?


I found the solution: the subfolders needs to be created by the same person who owns the main folder. Otherwise the issue I described earlier occurs.

However I noticed that TMS Cloud pack doesn't work with Google shared drives (e.g. cannot find a folder on a Shared Drive). Share drive info: What are shared drives? - Google Workspace Learning Center
Or am I missing something? Thank you.

Shared drives are indeed not currently supported.
This is on the feature request list for a future version.