Google Workspace Business: direct file link opening problem


  • I have a program which uploads, list and downloads files to/from Google drive with Fnc Cloud pack.
  • My customers have Google Workspace Business accounts, and they use my application in this way:
    • One user shares a folder with everybody in their company
    • My software uses this shared folder to store the files in.

At one customer I have the following problem:

  • Everybody can list and open his own file in my application
  • Everybody can list any file too (no matter who created it)
  • However when somebody wants to open such a file (a just pass a Google drive direct link to the browser) then Google gives an error message that he doesn't have access.
  • Even that person who owns the shared folder, cannot open a file if it was created by someone else.

This is strange because if I click on the Share menu of the file, it is listed the person has"Editor" role who is not allowed to open the file .
The General access is "Restricted".

If I change the General access to the company name, still nothing changes (the user cannot have access to the file link).

Only i f I change the General access to anyone with the link then it would work.
Of course the last option is not desired by the customer.

Is there a setting to prevent this error? Thank you!


Can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?

  • Where are you retrieving the Google drive direct link?
  • A screenshot of the file Share menu settings
  • A screenshot of the error message

Hi Bart,

Thank you for the answer. I have made the screenshots but they contain sensible information about the customer, so I would send them via e-mail if you provide me your email address.

Thank you very much!

You can provide the screenshots in an email to or in a private message on the support center.

I'm not sure what is causing this issue.
If you can list the file in your application but can't view it in the browser this is likely an issue unrelated to TMS FNC Cloud Pack.
Can you download the file in your application?
Can you view other files in the browser?

Hello Bart,

I think I've found what causes the problem:

-The file direct link generated by our software, using TMS Fnc Cloud is :

-While the file direct generated by Google itself is:

As you can see, they use the same file Id, but the first link doesn't work, while the second one does.

What should I do? Should I manipulate the link by string functions or is there a better method?
Thank you!

Hi Csillag,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately the direct link is exactly how the link is returned from the Google Drive API service.
It is indeed a good alternative to manually manipulate the link string to make it work for you.

We'll have to investigate if we can include the suggested changes to the links in a future version of TMS FNC Maps.