Google Drive "Shared with Me" troubles

Am testing the default cloud storage demo, setup with my credentials for google drive. (using Sydney).
My project uses a group of shared with me folders (managed by another user) containing multiple files, all in the same domain as the google account. On google drive on the web they show up and can be edited without problems.
On the TMS app however, all items in "my drive" show up on the list, but the "shared with me" folder do not.
So using the google drive page, by right clicking the icon, I added a "Shared With Me" shortcut to the Google drive home folder, and after that, the shortcut itself appears in the listbox, but it can not be opened as folder by the TMS app.

How can I open that shortcut, or better, have the Shared With Me folder appear on the listbox ? The users can just open another tab with google drive anyway but I would like to have the list within my app for a better integration.


Unfortunately shared folders are currently not supported for Google Drive.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in the future.

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I found a temporary method but I second the idea of adding that functionality. In this case is a small legal stuff business where all users share a centralized drive for the court documents, Etc. Is basically that kind of stuff, which is common to all of them, and it makes sense to have them shared.

Hello Julio,

Can you share the temporary method you have found? It seems that TMS hasn't added the feature after a year, because I have the same problem.
Thank you!