Google drive: upload a file to a specific folder


The demo software shows only selecting folders from a CloudDemoListbox.

I only need to upload files to a specific folder. e.g. upload the file c:\MyPicture.png to the Google drive folder 'English'.

I tried this but it doesn't do anything:

Class Procedure TTMSFNCCloudGoogleDriveService.OnConnected1(Sender: TObject);
var CurrentFolder: TTMSFNCCloudItem;
CurrentFolder:= TTMSFNCCloudItem.Create(Nil);
CurrentFolder.ItemType := ciFolder;
CurrentFolder.FileName := 'English';
fs_CloudGoogleDrive.Upload(CurrentFolder, 'c:\MyPicture.png');

The code above does nothing for me. Can you please help me with a working code, how to do this? Thank you.

Unfortunately the help is the shortest help I have seen in my life and moreover is not precise at all. I wouldn't call it documentation but very brief overview.
For example the very "verbose" description of "GetFolderListHierarchical" is:
"Retrieve the list of files and folders for a specific folder and add them to the GDrive list"
It fails to mention that it has 3 parameters, and also fails to mention the result type.

Also it mentions the SearchFile and SearchFolder non existent methods.

Thank you for your help!