FNCCloudStorageServices need to show shortcuts

We have the cloudstorageservices working nicely. However today one of customers highlighted that they have a shortcut to files within sharepoint in their onedrive. Currently the types of items detected by the component are folders and files. Can this please be expanded to include shortcuts so our client can gain access to their sharepoint files.


Unfortunately it's currently not supported to retrieve shortcuts to sharepoint files for OneDrive.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll have to investigate if this functionality is supported in the OneDrive API and if it is possible to add it as a new feature in TMS FNC Cloud Pack.

Thanks Bart, this has been raised by another of our customers. Is there an update to this?

This feature is on the planning for a future version of TMS FNC Cloud Pack. However we have not yet been able to allocate sufficient development time to investigate if this feature is supported by the Google Drive API and if it will be possible to implement it.

Hi Bart, has there been any update to this, some of our customers are getting fractious. If not shortcuts can direct access to sharepoint be added to the cloudservices component?


Unfortunately this feature is currently on-hold due to technical limitations.
We'll continue to monitor the OneDrive API service to possibly add this feature in the future.

Hi @Bart is there perhaps any update on this subject? We also would like to be able to connect to Sharepoint locations / files.

I have no news to share on the subject at this time.