Google API Version

I see that under GoogleMaps.Options.Version - that this defaults to 'beta'. But, in my testing, I can put anything in there and it doesn't seem to affect the map.

How can I determine which API version is being used? Right now, Google has 3.48, 3.49, 3.50, and they just released 3.51. And, I know 'beta' is another option.


Any value assigned to the Options.Version property will be used as the API version. An invalid version value will automatically be reverted to the default version by the Google Maps API.

Unfortunately there is no visual indicator that displays the version begin used. The visual and functional differences are generally very minor between versions.
At the time map rotation/tilting (through Options.Heading & Options.Tilt) was introduced, this was only available in the beta version. This is why the default version value is still set to "beta".

You can verify which version is being used by pressing F12 when the map is selected at runtime to display the developer console. Select the Elements tab and look for the "v" parameter value in the following line:

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