FNC Maps (TMSFNCGoogleMaps) not showing today Dec 07, 2022

It was running since 2018 (webGMaps to FNC Maps updated), but today, I can't see a map.

Developer Machine: D11.1, FNC Maps, windows 11
Application Running at: Windows and Android (This is were the fault was displayed).

Need some help.


Can you please click on the map and press F12, check the developer console for errors.

I have email reply, nonetheless it will be here.

Maybe it is about the API Key. I have set of API Keys, when I use the other one, it will display the map at Design Time. While later on, it will be gone. However, when I tried to use the other one, it will again display the map at Design Time and again, buying some time, it will not display again.

The API has Services such as:

  1. JavaScript API
  2. Geocoding API
  3. Directions API
  4. Distance Matrics API
  5. Maps Elevation API
  6. Places API

How to do about this?

There seems to be an issue with the latest build for Google Maps. Can you clear the TMSFNCGoogleMaps1.Options.Version property ?

Yes, the Default is/was Beta. I have used the 3.5.00 version that was released yesterday Dec 7, 2022.

Setting it to an empty value or to "weekly" should fix the issue.

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Yup... For now I used quarterly. While empty value has the same "empty map" result.

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