TTMSFNCGoogleMaps.Options.Heading not working

I've created a simple and one line project to demonstrate the change of the heading of a Google Map.
Similar to the demo yesterday in the webinar I've used a trackbar and in the OnChange event I assign the value:

TMSFNCGoogleMaps1.Options.Heading := TrackBar1.Position;

The map does not rotate.
I haven't changed any configuration value of the map component.
What am I doing wrong here or what am I missing?

OK, in the replay of the webinar yesterday I found out, that this is only possible with vector based maps.
How to achieve that with the MapID, which has to be set?

I created a MapID for a "javascript - vector" map and copied the MapID into the app, but to no avail.
Map still not rotating.

the use vector maps, you need to use the beta JavaScript API. Currently, this is not enabled. To enable the beta, implement the OnCustomizeHeadLinks event and use the following code:

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCGoogleMaps1CustomizeHeadLinks(Sender: TObject;
  AList: TTMSFNCMapsLinksList);
  AList.Add(TTMSFNCMapsLink.CreateScript(GOOGLEMAPSAPIURL + 'js?key=' + TMSFNCGoogleMaps1.APIKey + '&v=beta&language=' + ParseLocale(TMSFNCGoogleMaps1.Options.Locale), 'text/javascript', 'utf-8', '', True, True));

You'll also need to add the required interface unit: VCL.TMSFNCMaps.GoogleMaps

Yeah, that's working now, but have "Heading" and "Tilting" been switched?
IMHO Heading is rotating the map, but it changes the viewing angle in Z coordinate.

Yeah, both parameters have been switched:

function TTMSFNCMapsGoogleMaps.GetUpdateOptions: string;
Result :=
' var opt = {' + LB +
' draggable: ' + PARAMSNAME + '["Panning"],' + LB +
' scrollwheel: ' + PARAMSNAME + '["ZoomOnWheelScroll"],' + LB +
' disableDoubleClickZoom: !' + PARAMSNAME + '["ZoomOnDblClick"],' + LB +
' mapTypeControl: ' + PARAMSNAME + '["ShowMapTypeControl"],' + LB +
' zoomControl: ' + PARAMSNAME + '["ShowZoomControl"],' + LB +
' tilt: ' + PARAMSNAME + '["Heading"],' + LB +
' heading: ' + PARAMSNAME + '["Tilt"],' + LB +
' }' + LB +
' ' + MAPVAR + '.setOptions(opt);';


This issue has been fixed internally and the update will be available with the next TMS FNC Maps release.