Blank maps

We are using TTMSFNCGoogleMaps (v3.0.7.4) and are having some users where it is working and displaying the maps correctly... but then after a while it just shows blank /white ... so no map at all ...

We are also TTMSFNCWebBrowser on another screen to preview online images and have noticed that when the map stops working then the browser also stops showing anything at all.

To get it working the users have to exit the application and reload ... sometimes they have to do this multiple times before it will work again, other times the users work fine. It doesn't affect all users and we haven't found a pattern to this ... is this something you have come across or if there is something I could put in a beta version for key users to try?

If you click on the white square and press F12, what do you see in the developer console window?

Hi Pieter
I get the following...
image = || {};
google.maps = google.maps || {};
(function() {
var rules = {
createHTML: function(src) {
return src;
createScriptURL: function(src) {
return src;
var ttPolicy;

try {
ttPolicy = window.trustedTypes.createPolicy('google-maps-api-loader', rules);
} catch(e) {
ttPolicy = rules;

function getScript(src) {
ttPolicy.createHTML('<' + 'script src="' + src + '"><' + '/script>')

var modules = google.maps.modules = {};
google.maps.gjsload = function(name, text) {
modules[name] = text;

google.maps.Load = function(apiLoad) {
delete google.maps.Load;
apiLoad([0.009999999776482582,[null,[["\u0026hl=en-US\u0026","\u0026hl=en-US\u0026"],null,null,null,1,"935",["\u0026hl=en-US\u0026","\u0026hl=en-US\u0026"]],null,null,null,null,[["",""]],[["\u0026hl=en-US\u0026","\u0026hl=en-US\u0026"],null,null,null,null,"149",["\u0026hl=en-US\u0026","\u0026hl=en-US\u0026"]],null,null,null,null,null,null,null,[["\u0026","\u0026"]]],["en-US","US",null,0,null,null,"",null,"","",null,"",null,"","",null,"",1,"",0,1],["","3.51.2-beta"],[2012291121],null,null,null,[3,8,13,17,20,21,26,99,114,125,113,98],null,null,"",null,null,1,"\u0026","AIzaSyBucjJ0FsS0bNlVickWom69CD5uVKcQsnY","","",null,"",[[""],[""],null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,[""],"/maps/vt",628000000,628,628362479],2,500,[null,null,null,null,"","","",["","","",""],"","",["","","",""],""],null,null,null,null,"/maps/api/js/ApplicationService.GetEntityDetails",0,null,null,null,null,null,["51.2-beta"],1,0,[1],null,null,1,0.009999999776482582], loadScriptTime);
var loadScriptTime = (new Date).getTime();

Can you set TMSFNCGoogleMaps1.Options.Version to "weekly" or "quarterly" or just leave it blank?

Thanks ... I've put up a new Beta version for the users... is there more info on that setting ? Currently I have it set to quarterly

Hi, yes you can read about versioning here:

Hi Pieter
Many thanks ... that setting seems to have helped ... the end-user testing the beta hasn't had an issue since trying the new version
Hopefully that was it!
BTW... we didn't change the setting before... it defaults to 'beta'

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