Font settings TAdvSmoothListBox Delete button.

I have some instances of TAdvSmoothListBox and want to "abuse" the delete button of one of those in a way that it still deletes an item form the list, but I don't want to present it to the user as a "dangerous" deletion, but a perfectly valid operation. Therefore I renamed the caption of the button and changed its colour form red to something different, but the problem is that I'm unable to find how the text colour of the caption could be changed. Currently it looks something around white, I changed the button to grey and the caption is now badly readable.

In the end I would simply like the delete button to look like a default TButton, that simple grey layout with some hover effect on click event.

I know that I can use a GraphicRightType of gtButton, but in that case I need to implement the deletion of elements and such myself, which I simply would like to avoid if the easier part could be to change the look of the delete button.



We have investigated this here and have applied an improvement. The next version will allow you to change the font with the DeleteButtonFont property under ItemAppearance.

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That's fast, thanks!