FNC Core Beta for "Visual Responsive Design for Delphi" faulty ?

I have downloaded and installed the FNC Core Beta version. Afterwards I wanted to reinstall the rest of the FNC components, but this is not possible.

At the same time, the FNC core is displayed twice in the Subscription Manager

Finally I installed the FNC Core version again and I can start Delphi without errors - but the duplicate entry remains - how can I remove it again?


The subscription manager is not capable of detecting BETA versions unfortunately, so it still detects You'll need to manually reinstall the FNC Components by extracting the zip file and running the setup. If the problem persists you will need to change to in the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\tmssoftware\TMS FNC Core)

I want to thank you for trying out the BETA, this really helps us!

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I installed FNC Core and the rest manually - result, does not work.
All packages are not found.

Only after I removed all packages with Subscription Manager and installed all setups manually, the IDE starts without errors.

In the registry I changed the value to "" and everything shows green. However, the duplicate entry is still there.

In the registry I did not find a second entry in the mentioned path. But probably I have not looked in the right place, can you give me a tip to remove the entry again?

Lesson Learned:
If it is a beta version, everything must be deleted in Subscription Manager and then installed manually.

I installed FNC Core manually and the duplicate entry was caused by that.
The manual installation and the installation with the Subscription Manager seem to "bite" each other.

That's correct, the subscription manager works with installed version vs online version. The beta is not yet online, therefore it still detects older versions. Thank you for the feedback! We continue to improve the installation process