FNC Cloud Pack - oneDrive & https callbackurl

Using the CloudStorageServiceDemoVCL project that comes with FNC Cloud Pack I have Google Drive and Dropbox working ok.

OneDrive however isn't working. It comes back with 'Application successfully authorized' and my app is listed as having access on my Microsoft account. However the onConnect event is never fired and the ..Onedrive.ini file is never created. I'm testing using FNC Cloud pack v1.4.1.0

ALSO, we have a requirement to use a callback url which uses https, how do we get this working in the cloud pack demo project?



Can you please try using the callback url "http://localhost:8000" for OneDrive?

Thank you for your reply. That callback url has the same effect. I get the 'Application successfully authorized' and I can see a code in the url sent back but the app does not fire the onconnect event.

Are you compiling for Release with Optimization on?

Can you use Fiddler, or enable logging? It's unclear what is going on, but logging should provide more info.

Using Fiddler I can now see that when the request comes back to localhost:8000 the details are picked up and a new request is created to Sign in to your account

The client id, secret, code, client_id, client_secret, redirect_url, access_type, approval_prompt, code and grant_type are present.

This request receives a 401

The onconnect is never fired, and each subsequent attempt produces the same steps. Whereas Dropbox now does not go through the web browser steps and just connects, and the onconnect is fired.

Resolved! My fault, I apologise. The Microsoft pages have changed and present two values. Using the other value the process succeeds.

The value I was using was the 'secret id', the value I needed was the 'value'

Thank you for your help.

Great! Thanks for reporting the issue is solved.