One Drive Platform Configuration

I'm using the 'Web' platform as directed in the TMS Azure configuration instructions but, although I get an 'Authorised' message after clicking 'Connect' in the TMSFNCCloudStorageServices Demo (modified), I don't get any folder/files in the TMSFNCListBox. However, looking at the 'FNC One Drive' topic (in June 21), I see the user stated that 'the right way was to use the 'Mobile and desktop applications' redirect URIs platform - which TMS appeared to concur with. This configuration does not accord with the TMS instructions. Which is correct?

Is it the desktop demo? Or the web demo?

The Desktop demo - E:\TMS\TMS FNC Cloud Pack\Demos\TMSFNCCloudStorageServices Demo\VCL.

Maybe Microsoft changed something and I suggest to try the "Mobile and desktop" type setting for your API key.

I tried the "Mobile and desktop" type setting and received a 'Application successfully authorized' message in Edge. But later I received the following response (using Fiddler):

"error": "invalid_client",
"error_description": "AADSTS7000215: Invalid client secret is provided.\r\nTrace ID: 9835b016-20a9-4ff6-b3e0-44910725dd00\r\nCorrelation ID: 43f4b25d-6762-45f8-a9ed-3db53ee72f50\r\nTimestamp: 2021-08-18 16:01:28Z",

I had received this same error previously and changed the Secret key to a new one (expiring 19/08/2023) in Azure 'Certificates & secrets' . That makes no difference. I have got Dropbox and Google Drive working (albeit with the bug reported earlier in Google). Does your TMSFNCCloudStorageServices VCL demo still work for you with OneDrive?

Never mind. I was using the Secret ID and not the Secret Value; hence the error.

For info: After using the 'Web' platform in Azure with Callback url http://localhost and app url http://localhost:8000 together with the Secret value, I now see all the OneDrive folders/files.

Thanks for informing