OneDrive Doesn't connect

OneDrive doesn't connect here using D12 (and W11) although Dropbox and Google both do. Logging is set (in the Form's OnCreate procedure), but no log file is produced. The application is 'successfully authorised'.


We are not aware of any issues with OneDrive authentication.
Is there a difference in behavior for you between D11 and D12?

Can you please make sure to follow instructions as indicated here:

If you're unable to find a log file, you can specify the filename and path of the log file with the LogFilename property.

Well, I installed TMSFNCCloudPackSetupReg V3.0.2.2 again in D11 and D12 before testing on D11, and found that it had installed ok on D12 but not on D11. I downloaded again and tried to install many times on D11 again, but no luck, the Delphi11 folder is empty. The V3.0.2.2 appears to be faulty? Here is the log file.

We are investigating the installer issue and will report back as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can try doing a manual install instead.

Looks as though TMSVCLUIPackSetupReg V13.0.5.0 and all the other latest packages I use have the same issue.

We checked the log file and the problem is caused by an invalid library path.

In your library path is a path like:

"C:\Users\Andrew Sowerby\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\CatalogRepository\SysTools-2021.11-11\source\\"

See backlashes at the end.

Check your library path, sanitize these invalid paths and then retry to install.

And also, NEVER share log files in a public forum as it contains sensitive material!
Send log files via direct message or direct email.

Well, I've cleaned up the D11 library paths, but it hasn't made any difference. I guess there must be something else wrong with my D11 installation. Will investigate further.

Thank you for reminding me about sending log files.

TMSFNCCloudPack D11 installs ok on another computer, so the problem must be with the D11 installation on my main PC. Apologies for the false alarm!

Reinstalling all my TMS packages suddenly allowed TMSFNCCloudPack to install on D11! However, OneDrive doesn't connect on D11 either but is 'successfully authorised' (as on D12). I assume it connects ok with you, so it must be a problem with my OneDrive. Lets leave this for now; thanks for your help.

Well, I still cannot get OneDrive to connect. The log file is not generated for OneDrive but is generated for Google and DropBox. OneDrive is 'sucessfully' authenticated but just doesn't connect afterwards. Not sure how to fix this.

Connecting to OneDrive is working as expected when tested here. I'm not sure what is going wrong on your side.
As an alternative to the log file, you can try to install Fiddler to monitor http requests and find out if there are errors during the authentication/authorization.

If the problem persists, can you please provide screenshots of your settings in the Microsoft console and code samples from your app so I can further investigate this?
(If the screenshots/code contain sensitive data you can provide these in a private message)

Thanks Bart. Using Fiddler (looking at the 401 messages) shows that the secret keys for the app are expired. I don't know why I'm getting a 'application successfully authorised' authentication message though? Anyway, I'll renew the secret keys which should fix the problem.

Thanks for the follow-up.

We'll have to investigate if there is a possible issue with the success message being displayed when it's not supposed to be.