Cloud access

I followed the developer guide for the cloud access (gdrive). All is fine, google shows me that access is granted and that I can close the browser, what I do. But the onConnected event like it should based on the developer guide is never called, nothing happen.
I also could not find a demo which does not create everything dynamically, thats way to time consuming reading the whole code to understand whats going on. I was hoping there is somewhere an example about how to access gdrive which actually has buttons and event to follow instead of dynamically created content, which is generally good, but not good to learn from it.


Maybe you can attach your project you already have (Exclude API Key and Secret!) and I'll take a look at what exactly is going wrong.

I already figured it out. Thanks.

I got gdrive and dropbox working.
But following your online instructions regarding onedrive, it does not work.
MS return the following error:

We're unable to complete your request
unauthorized_client: The client does not exist or is not enabled for consumers.

Figured it out. But your help file "Obtaining an application key and secret" is outdated and is missing the small but important part.